LoopyMelody License Agreement(s)

LoopyMelody.com offers two types of licences : 

Standard License & “LM License“.

“Standard License” :

When you purchase a Midi or Sample Pack on LoopyMelody.com, you’re buying a “Standard License” that allows to you use the pack for any personal or commercial purposes. You can use them in your music in any way you want (Sell beats, Release songs, collect profits using our Packs).


  • There is no expiration or end date to use the packs downloaded during your agreement.
  • You can use the pack in an unlimited number of projects, in any media and in any geographic territory.
  • You do not have exclusive rights to use the content, LoopyMelody.com can license the same content to other clients.

“LM License” :

“LM License” lets you use The Free Packs (Just the packs that are specifically made for LM License) for any personal and Non-commercial use. You can use it for Education (Music Theory – Music Composition – Chord Structure – Song Arrangement).

“LM License” made for Producers or Artists who are looking to get inspiration and learn new ideas from others.

LoopyMelody.com owns the intellectual property rights for all content on the website.

NOTE : Each pack has its own special product page where you can find its description.


  • Republish content from loopymelody.com (unless content is specifically made for republishing).
  • Sell or resell content from loopymelody.com.
  • Reproduce, duplicate or copy content from loopymelody.com (unless content is specifically made for reproduction).
  • Redistribute content from LoopyMelody.com (unless content is specifically made for redistribution).
If you have any queries regarding any of our terms, please contact us via email: